Jeff Sessions is a former multi-term U.S. Senator from Aalabama, then Attorney General in the Trump administration.

He was about as useless an Attorney General as I have ever seen, and was booted from the job by President Trump – who heavily criticized him both before and after he was dumped.

Well, now he’s decided he wants his old senate seat back.  And guess who he is supporting, and hopes to get support from in return?

Two salient quotes, both from Tucker Carlson’s interview of Sessions last night, stand out:

“I have some convictions that I think need to be pushed. We need to get some Republicans moving. They have not been pushing hard enough to advance the Trump agenda. So that’s what I look forward to doing. And I think I can contribute to that.”

“I think (Trump) will respect my work. I was there for the Trump agenda every day I was in the senate, no doubt about it. I was the first Republican senator to endorse him. We pushed the immigration agenda, his trade agenda and began to work for a realistic foreign policy that doesn’t get us into endless wars. He was right about all three of those. That’s where the American people are, and this Republican Congress and the whole Congress needs to listen to that.”

This leads to several questions:

-Can Sessions can win a Republican primary and be the Republican nominee?

-Will Trump support him – and how would he frame it?  That Sessions was a lousy AG but a good senator?

-Can Sessions beat incumbent Democrat Doug Jones?

The answers are:

-No one can know for sure.  But if the alternative to Sessions is Roy Moore, who says he’s running again, Republicans better pray he can.

-I think it’s self-evident that Trump, who has no problem at all turning for or against individuals based on their loyalty to him, will endorse Sessions.

-Again, no one can tell the future.  But, in Republican-heavy, Trump-supporting Alabama, it’s a near certainty that Sessions, who was a very popular senator, beating Jones – who would be supporting the Democrat Presidential candidate – by plenty.

We, of course, will monitor how this progresses.   Stay tuned.

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