What are ABC News’s journalistic standards?

Or, maybe more to the point, does ABC News have journalistic standards?

The reason I ask involves the damning video produced by Project Veritas or ABC reporter Amy Robach whining that she had the goods on Jeffrey Epstein three years ago – including material linking him to Bill Clinton – but ABC spiked that story and would not let it run then, or afterwards.

Her exact words:

“I was upset that an important interview I had conducted with (one of Epstein’s victims) Virginia Roberts didn’t air because I could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence to meet ABC’s editorial standards about her allegations.”

 “Roberts had pictures, she had everything . . . It was unbelievable what we had. [Bill] Clinton. We had everything.”

Now, three years later, Robach’s scoop has been made public, leaving her with nothing but the chance to whine about it.

But, as David Harsanyi clearly shows in his latest commentary, when it came to smearing Brett Kavanaugh – with no evidence at all – the same people couldn’t wait to air every juicy non-detail:

We certainly know that ABC didn’t need “everything” — or much of anything, for that matter — when it was running scores of pieces online and on television, highlighting every risible accusation against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

I’m not even talking about the prime accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, whose allegations still haven’t been corroborated, but rather about someone such as Julie Swetnick, who was all over the ABC News at the height of the confirmation battle.

Swetnick accused Kavanaugh not only of sexual assault but also of being present at parties where women were being drugged and “gang raped.” She wasn’t even remotely credible.

Yet here is Robach’s colleague, former Clinton adviser George Stephanopoulos, meeting ABC’s editorial standards by allowing Swetnick’s shyster lawyer Michael Avenatti to smear Kavanaugh without offering a shred of substantiating evidence for her claims.

Why couldn’t Roberts be interviewed?

Why couldn’t Roberts be interviewed?

The answer, as David Harsanyi, me, and, I hope, you damn well know is because Epstein’s story implicated Bill Clinton – and did so during Hillary’s presidential campaign – so the story had to be torpedoed …

…while Brett Kavanaugh was Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, which meant it was open season and full steam ahead, facts and corroboration not necessary.

So, yes, ABC News has journalistic standards.  The ones you just read about.  Those are the standards that people who rely on ABC for their news are being subjected to.

How do you like them?

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