As any regular reader of this blog knows, I have no problem criticizing President Trump for some of the tweets he puts out and for that big mouth of his.

But I have to tell you that his comments about the Roger Stone sentence, raw and blunt as they could be, were dead on target.  I don’t blame him for even one word.

Yes, he is right.  Yes this is a joke, a travesty, the singling out of one political operative, Roger Stone …because Stone hits for the trifecta of being a Republican, a conservative and a Trump supporter.

For the record, let’s look at some of President Trump’s exact words, when asked if he was concerned about the four Roger Stone prosecutors resigning once their sentencing recommendation was questioned:

“I’m not concerned about anything. They ought to go back to school and learn because I’ll tell you what: the way they treated people, nobody should be treated like that.

“I want to thank the Justice Department for seeing this horrible thing — and I didn’t speak to them by the way, just so you understand — they saw the horribleness of a nine year sentence for doing nothing.

“You have murderers and drug addicts, they don’t get nine years. Nine years for doing something that nobody even can define what he did. Someone said he put out a tweet, and the tweet, you base it on that. We have killers, we have murders all over the place, nothing happens. And then they put a man in jail and destroy his life, his family, his wife, his children.

“Nine years in jail, it’s a disgrace and in the meantime (James) Comey walks around making book deals.  Where’s Comey? What’s happening to Andrew McCabe? …Peter Strzok and Lisa Page?  What’s happening to them?”

Does what President Trump said hold water?  You’re damn right it does.

And, despite the media firestorm those words are going to generate – from media people who obviously hate his guts – I’m glad he said what needed to be said.

Just to be clear:  I do not claim that Roger Stone is an innocent party.  He isn’t.

I do, however,  claim that…

a) his behavior, I am 100% sure, is typical of many political operatives on both sides of the aisle,

b) it does not merit anywhere near that kind of sentence and

c) if that’s what prosecutors do when political operatives lie, how about james comey’s signing – swearing to – lies in the FISA warrants?  And McCabe, and Strzok, and Page, and Brennan, and Clapper. etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum and nauseam, none of whom have been sentenced to even one second in jail?

How many of the others lived through a daybreak raid of their homes, complete with armed law enforcement, rousting Stone out of his bed and terrorizing his wife?

Was Stone simply asked to come in?  No.

Did Stone refuse to come in?  No.

Did Stone say or suggest he was going to violently resist coming in?  No.

Anyone who saw that raid and didn’t understand the actions against Stone were intentionally, viciously punitive, either is not paying attention or hates Trump so much it doesn’t matter.

It it exactly this kind of deep state crap, and exactly Donald Trump’s on-the-square answer to it, that causes his rallies to have overflow crowds…

…and overflow voting totals, as you will see in the next blog.

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