As you probably know, Bernie Sanders edged out Pete Buttigieg in New Hampshire’s Democrat primary.

And as you might know, Donald Trump won the Republican primary with about 90% of the vote, with his one remaining opponent, former Massachusetts Governor William Weld, garnering 9% (which, given that he was from a neighboring state, is probably the only reason he got that high; don’t expect to see it again).

But there is another issue here:  the number of people who came out to vote.

Since Trump, realistically speaking, was unchallenged, you might expect Republican turnout to be relatively low compared to previous, more competitive, primaries in the state.

but here is what actually happened, courtesy of the following excerpt from Steven Hayward’s article at

While everyone is watching the Democrats’ clown show, hardly anyone seems to be noticing that Trump totally crushed it in New Hampshire yesterday. True, he was uncontested, but it’s his raw vote total that ought to be terrifying Democrats. Get a load of this vote trend:

New Hampshire’s population has been relatively stable over the last 25 years so population growth does not explain this, and I understand that a lot of this total includes low propensity voters the Trump campaign appears to be targeting very effectively. Another reason to think that Trump will outperform his polls in the November election, just as he did in 2016.

Remember, it’s not just how many people support a presidential candidate, it is also how many supporters bother to show up and vote.  And if that doesn’t demonstrate Trump voters, at least in New Hampshire, are major-league energized, I give up.

Another reason for Democrat strategists to lose sleep tonight.  Add it to the list.

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