Catherine Pugh is the Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland.  She succeeded Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, who declined to run for re-election after the Freddy Gray fiasco.

Now it’s Pugh’s turn.

As detailed in my blog of April 2, Mayor Pugh is embroiled in a major scandal relating to the sale of a series of children’s books she wrote…and the purchase of 20,000 of them by a company seeking to do business with Baltimore.

Once these charges became public knowledge, Ms. Pugh went on “indefinite leave” – ostensibly to fight a bout with pneumonia.

And now?  We have this, excerpted from John Bowden’s article at

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh (D) is in poor health and is not “lucid” enough to make a decision on whether or not to resign amid a scandal over her business dealings, her attorneys said Thursday.

Pugh’s attorney Steve Silverman made the comment following FBI raids on her homes and offices.

“She is leaning toward making the best decision in the best interest in the citizens of Baltimore City,” Silverman said, according to The Baltimore Sun.

He told reporters Thursday that the mayor was saddened by the raids of seven locations linked to her administration, including two houses she owns in the city, the home of a former aide, her city hall office and others according to multiple news reports. Pugh’s office has said the mayor is recovering from a bout of pneumonia.

Silverman said he spoke to Pugh on Thursday, and that she is “physically still ill, and she is obviously emotionally and extremely distraught.”

Not good.

Look, my crystal ball broke this morning.  I do not know for sure what the future will hold for Catherine Pugh.  But if I were betting, my money would very definitely not be on a return to the Baltimore Mayor’s office.

If she is as corrupt as the allegations suggest, an argument can be made that this is good news.

But, given that Baltimore voters put her and, previously, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in office, you have to think there’s an excellent chance that the new occupant will be no better than the last two.

That would mean her departure is not good news or bad news.  It is just the continuance of business as usual in Baltimore.

And, sadly, the continuance of business as usual in Baltimore is horrible news.

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