Based on polling of financial people, Dow Jones estimated that first quarter Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth would be a very good 2.5%.

The just-released actual growth?  an excellent 3.2%.

For months, there have been warnings of an impending, even imminent, recession.  While no one can tell the future for sure, this growth number – along with a stock market rebound that puts the Dow near its all-time high and the NASDAQ and Standard & Poor indices at their all-time highs – seems to fly in the face of those warnings.

That is great news for the country…but terrible news for Democrats trying to unseat President Trump – partly because it shows how strong the economy is and partly because it obliterates the argument that Trump’s policies are not working successfully.

How sad that, the better we do as a country, the worse it is for Democrat challengers.  Makes you wonder what they’re rooting for, doesn’t it?

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