…what is the President?

Here, excerpted from Sam Brodey and Sam Stein’s article at thedailybeast.com, is one of the truly great moments in hypocrisy, in demonstrating how little intelligence some politicians think the general public has:

Senate Democrats issued stark warnings on Wednesday that Republicans would severely damage the institution of Congress if they acquiesced to a push from Trump allies to haul former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter for testimony about their actions in Ukraine.

A top Biden ally, Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), told The Daily Beast that calling the 2020 presidential contender—who served for 35 years in the Senate—and his son for testimony “would be literally rolling a grenade down the aisle of the Senate” that would have “lasting consequences” on the upper chamber’s ability to work together.

To summarize:

-The House, until now behind closed doors so the public cannot see, is running an “impeachment inquiry against the President of the United States;

-The impeachment inquiry directly involves whether President Trump demanded an investigation of Joe Biden’s behavior on behalf of his son, Hunter, who got a $50,000 a month Board Of Directors gig with Burisma, a Ukraine energy company he had exactly no qualifications for;

-The specific claim is that Trump threatened Ukraine”s President, Volodymyr Zelensky, with a quid pro quo situation:  investigate the Bidens or lose hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid.

.There is no record of any such threat having been made.

.There is no threat stated or implied in the transcript of President Trump’s July 25th call with President Zelensky.

.President Zelensky has stated the transcript is accurate, there was no quid pro quo regarding military aid and he was not threatened with anything.


-There is video tape of Joe Biden stating, in so many words, that he threatened Ukraine with the loss of $1 billion dollars in aid unless the prosecutor investigating Burisma, thus Hunter Biden’s $50,000 a month-for-nothing job,  was fired on the spot.

Biden said he was leaving Ukraine in 6 hours, and if the prosecutor wasn’t fired he was taking the $1 billion home with him.  And, in Biden’s own words, “Sonofabitch, he was fired”.

With these facts in mind, Chris Coons and whichever of his Democrat cohorts are on board, are telling us that there is no problem at all continuing the impeachment inquiry against President Trump, but it is an outrage and disaster if Joe Biden is asked to testify.

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

But it doesn’t hold a candle to the apparent belief that the public is so ignorant, so stupid, that they will buy into this incredible BS – that Joe Biden, along with his son, is some kind of protected species…

…so the President can be investigated over a “quid pro quo’ for which there is no evidence, but Joe Biden cannot be investigated over a quid pro quo when there is taped evidence proving it happened.

The saddest part?  With the help of a largely complicit mainstream media, a good many people will, in fact, buy in to the incredible BS they are being sold.

Keep ’em ignorant and you own ’em.

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