Jeffrey Epstein was a serial pedophile.

He was also a big-time Democrat contributor, and those “Lolita Express” flights to his underage-girl island paradise had some pretty high profile Democrats on them — including one half of media’s lord and savior couple, Bill Clinton.

Jeffrey Epstein, according to the party line, committed suicide in jail.

No one believes this.  Nor should they, given the ridiculous claims about two guards being asleep at the same time, the two cameras in front of his cell not working, the forensic pathologist Michael Baden’s findings, etc.

So when Project Veritas – those folks that continually come up with blockbuster audio and videotapes mainstream media do their best to ignore, unearthed a tape of ABC News’ Amy Robach angrily revealing that she had the goods on Epstein three years ago, and her bosses at ABC would not allow her to put them on air – not then, and not in the three years since – it would be pretty big news, wouldn’t it?

Well, if you rely on MSNBC or CNN for your news it isn’t.  In fact it isn’t any news at all.  Because, at least as of last night, neither network had put so much as one word about it on-air.

From Curtis Houck”s article at, )last updated early this morning):

Twitter was set ablaze on Tuesday morning and likely sent ABC to curl up in the fetal position, after James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released a bombshell video of longtime journalist and 20/20 co-host Amy Robach admitting the network quashed her reporting from three years ago that would have helped expose serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. 

Not surprisingly, the blindly partisan cable networks CNN and MSNBC have assisted their fellow liberal comrades at the Disney-owned network in refusing to acknowledge the Project Veritas video since its release, which came during the 9:00 a.m. Eastern hour.

So, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. Eastern, there have been 11 different CNN shows totaling 15 hours of programming without a single mention of the ABC News scandal, Epstein, O’Keefe, Robach, or Project Veritas.


A pedophile sex scandal, a “suicide” that almost certainly was a covered-up murder…and nothing on either MSNBC or CNN?   Not one word about it?

Waddaya think?  Think Epstein’s virtually all-Democrat associations and political donations were the reason?

Or, put another way, if Epstein’s associations and political donations were virtually all to Republicans, do you think these two “news” networks would have covered it?

But these people wonder why the term”Fake News” resonates?

They’re kidding, right?


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