Suppose you were a member of the media, and you received this email from a Democrat presidential candidate – specifically from Julian Castro?  How would you react to it?

While the media is focused on the four white frontrunners for president, the ground continues to shift in the 2020 race–and with candidates dropping out, and others unable to appeal to African American and Latino voters, candidates like Secretary Castro are poised for a breakthrough.

Not very subtle, is it?  Voters prefer White candidates, and a non-White candidate will break through when they realize how much they need African American and Latino voters.

With that in mind, please be advised that what you just read is not a theoretical.  The passage you just read is, in fact, from an email sent by Sawyer Hackett, a member of Julian Castro’s presidential team.

Now let’s think about what those words mean.

The first point to be made is one that, assuming every poll is on target, he is correct about the four frontrunners all being White:  Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Peter Buttigieg.

Since Democrat primary polls are almost always conducted among Democrat voters, what does that say about those Democrat voters?  Are they a bunch of racists because the top four are all White – no person of color or Latino among them?

Now:  what do you think Julian Castro, every other Democrat candidate, and their media friends, would be saying if this were a lineup of Republicans and not one minority candidate was anywhere near the top?  What would they be calling those voters?

Then we have the basis upon which Julian Castro is supposed to be “poised for a breakthrough”:  that he can “appeal to African American and Latino voters”.

Is that to say White candidates can’t appeal to Black and Latino voters?  Or that Black and Latino voters prefer to vote for someone who looks like them – which is a perfect description of how White racists vote as well?

Bottom line:  what you are seeing from Julian Castro is a specifically race-based identity-politics appeal.

Now, a question:  how do you think media would react to a similarly race-based identity-politics appeal from a Republican candidate – maybe warning that his/her opponents would not appeal strongly enough to White voters?

-Do you doubt for a moment that they would be writing about it?

-Do you doubt for a moment that they would be writing about, for example, its implicit assumption that Republican voters, based on the polling data, far prefer White candidates to Black or Latino alternatives?

Well, according to Kyle Morris’s article at, the Julian Castro email – with that exact same implicit assumption about Democrats – was sent to media on Tuesday.

It is now Thursday.  Have you heard a thing about it from mainstream media?

Point made.  About Julian Castro and about our media.

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