I just watched an entire “news” report on NBC Today’s show which, essentially, was a hit piece on President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr regarding the Roger Stone sentencing.

And how much of this report referenced the fact that we now know at least one of the jurors in that trialĀ  in fact, the lead juror – is an anti-Trump activist who overtly lied about her ongoing series of anti-Trump tweets – not to mention the fact that she ran for congress in 2012 as a Democrat?

Not one word.

Nor one word about the fact that the judge who allowed this juror into the pool, Amy Berman Jackson, is a hard-left Obama appointee who, magically and mysteriously, has been assigned double the number of cases involving people associated with President Trump than she should have gotten (she’s one of four D.C. District Court judges, but got half the cases).

The fact that this juror (and now you have to wonder how many others as well) was clearly compromised should disqualify the Stone trial and vacate its decision immediately.

And not a word about that either.

But, yes, the people at NBC still refer to this report as “news”.

The most amazing accomplishment is that they do it with straight faces.

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