New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo traveled to Washington D.C. yesterday and met with a former friend, President Donald Trump, to find a way for New Yorkers to be reinstated in the Global Entry program – which facilitates their air travel.

The reason New York State was dropped from the program?  Cuomo’s “Green Light Law”, which allows illegal aliens to get drivers licenses, while barring ICE from access to state motor vehicle records.

In other words, Cuomo wants a program that relies on assessing airplane travelers’ security risk to be run with no way to check whether they are a security risk.

That make sense to you?

Excerpted from  Gregg Re’s article for foxnews.com:

New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo visited the White House on Thursday in the hope he could persuade President Trump to reverse a recent decision to boot New Yorkers from Global Entry and several other Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP), which allow travelers to avoid long lines at the U.S. border.

The leaders’ dispute centered on New York’s new “Green Light Law,” which lets unauthorized immigrants obtain state driver’s licenses and also bars federal immigration agents from accessing state motor vehicle records.

The Trump administration said that cutoff from state records threatened public safety and responded by blocking New Yorkers from enrolling in Global Entry and other “trusted traveler” programs. New York then sued over its expulsion.

“In New York alone, last year ICE arrested 149 child predators, identified or rescued 105 victims of exploitation and human trafficking, arrested 230 gang members, and seized 6,487 pounds of illegal narcotics, including fentanyl and opioids,” (Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad) Wolf wrote to New York officials last week. “In the vast majority of these cases, ICE relied on New York DMV records to fulfill its mission.”

The “Green Light Law,” Wolf went on, “compromises CBP’s ability to confirm whether an individual applying for TTP membership meets program eligibility requirements.”

This, in a word, is nuts.

I don’t know what Andrew Cuomo thought he could do to square this circle, to convince the Trump administration’s people to provide security clearance without a check of security, but it didn’t work.


Give ICE access to this information, Governor Cuomo.  You’ll make air travel far more convenient and far safer.  Or be a good PC left wing lapdog and wind up with neither.

Your call.

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