Ken Berwitz

Remember Melissa and Aaron Klein, co-owners of the Melissa\’s Sweet Cakes bakery in Oregon?  The religious Christian couple who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, and wound up being fined $135,000 for it?

Well, they have paid the fine – and about $9,000 interest as well:  not willingly at all, and not because they are dropping their challenge to this insanely punitive punishment, but because, on lawyers\’ advice, not paying it will hurt their chances in court.

To remind you:  A gay couple, now married – laurel and rachel bowman-cryer – wanted their wedding cake to be made at the Klein\’s bakery, and were refused on religious grounds.

So instead of going to a different bakery, they sued for “emotional suffering”.  And Oregon being the PC paradigm it is, joined in the fun, with its Labor Comissioner, brad avakian, awarding the $135,000 amount.

It is true that Oregon has a law protecting gay people from being discriminated against by private businesses such as the Kleins\’ bakery.  But can anyone in his or her right mind believe that refusing to bake a cake on religious grounds is worthy of this kind of punishment?   It put the Kleins out of business, and, were it not for the donations of countless people who are – justifiably – outraged by the idiocy of this avakian clown, their family (they have small children) would have been left destitute.  

For refusing to bake a cake?  

With the above in mind, I have a few questions for ben avakian, who has so effectively crusaded against this family of devout Christians:  

-How many Muslim-owned bakeries in Oregon have you gone after?  How many orthodox Jewish-owned bakeries?  

-Do you think a Muslim-owned or orthodox Jewish-owned bakery is willingly going to bake a cake with a same-sex message on it?  

-Have you sent your people to a few of them to ask for such a cake, and make sure that the proprietors say “yes, of course, we\’ll be happy to bake it for you”? 

-Are you ready to levy a six-figure fine on all the bakeries which refuse to do so?

-Or is your hatred and vindictiveness reserved exclusively for devout Christians? 

I\’d love to hear the answers to those questions.  Wouldn\’t you?

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