Ken Berwitz

What a great year this has been for United States foreign policy!!!  Who would have ever thought we\’d be so successful!!!  All congratulations and compliments to our spectacularly effective Secretary Of State, John Kerry – and, of course, to that amazing President of ours, Barack Obama!!!

Please do not call the men in the white coats.  I have not taken leave of my senses.

All I\’m doing is relating what the Department Of State\’s official blog has told me about what happened this year.  Just use this link and read it for yourself.

According to this official blog, our successes, among others, include:

-Winning Fight Against Violent Extremists;

-Iran Peaceful Nuclear Program Ensured;

-Bringing Peace, Security To Syria;

What you just read are three verbatim headlines from the DOS web site.  

Uh, what\’s that you say?  Violent extremism is alive, well and ugly, there is zero reason to believe Iran will hold to any part of the so-called “deal”, since the current rulers have reneged on every other deal they have made, and Syria remains a killing ground with massive death and destruction…which is why millions of Syrians have fled, and continue to flee over its borders?

Well, so what?  Apparently none of this means a thing to the Obama/Kerry Department Of State, so why should it mean anything to you?

Simply stated, incredible crap like this is not directed to normal voters.  It is not even directed to low-information voters.  It is directed to NO information voters, who can be manipulated into WRONG information voters.

Anyone who wonders why Donald Trump, who should have been nothing more than an amusing little footnote by now, is thriving in the polls, should read, and reread what I\’ve just posted.  

Compared to Kerry and Obama, he\’s the one making sense.

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