Ken Berwitz

In previous blogs, I have discussed Hillary Clinton\’s problem in attacking Republicans for their “War on Women”, then using Bill Clinton, with his small army of women claiming he sexually molested, even raped them, and his sordid sexual romps with Monica Lewinsky in the White House, as a campaign resource.

Two of the Republican candidates – so far – have weighed in on this.  One of them, Ben Carson, had this to say:

“As a pediatricneurosurgeon, I deal with a lot of children, and I see them becoming coarserand wanting to know what certain things are that they\’re hearing about ontelevision — things that they would\’ve never known about as kids before. And a certain innocence disappears from our society. I\’m sorry to seethat happen, and I\’m sorry that it was because one of our presidents.

And the other, Donald Trump, has tweeted:

“If Hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women\’s card on me, she\’s wrong!”

I saved Trump for last, because he not only will get far more press than Dr. Carson but, if his history is any indication, , he won\’t stop there; he will continue to hit her even harder.

Trump has not yet, to my knowledge, said something like “Put Hillary Clinton in the White House, and you\’re also putting Bill Clinton there, with four years of time on his hands.  No intern will be safe, and every time he lays his hands on one it will be Hillary who facilitated it.  She will not only be a President, she will, effectively, be Bill Clinton\’s pimp. You want a war on women?  THAT\’S a war on women”.

But I don\’t doubt that he will.  And he\’ll have a point too.

I have read that Hillary Clinton would love Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee.  But has anyone asked if she loves running against him before a Republican nominee is selected?  Or if she realizes that, regardless of whether Trump becomes the nominee, her many years as Bill Clinton\’s sexual facilitator will stick with her?

I didn\’t think so.

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