Ken Berwitz

Bad boys, bad boys,

watcha gonna do?

Watcha gonna do when they come foryou?

 Those lyrics, fromthe Inner Circle\’s hit song, which became the theme for the show”Cops”, raise an interesting question for Hillary Clinton – which is:

Bad Bubba, bad Bubba,  

what\’s she gonna do?

What\’s she gonna do when they ask \’boutyou?

See, Donald Trump,who gets more press than anyone right now, is asking that question – aboutHillary Clinton\’s long history as an enabler of Bill Clinton\’ssexual escapades.

And the more he asks, the more voterswill be reminded that Ms. Clinton was happy to support Hubby Bubba againstevery charge from every woman who claimed molestation and rape. 

How, they mightstart asking themselves, is it possible for Hillary Clinton to credibly talkabout a “War Against Women”, when she was a warrior against every oneof those accusers, no matter how credible their accusations were?

And, for the folkswho try to con themselves into buying into Ms. Clinton\’s characterization thatthey were all “nuts and sluts” (a term first used by David Brock -who was, or at least pretended to be, a conservative, before he became theClinton suck-up he now is) – will Trump be reminding them that Clinton had topay Paula Jones $850,000, and give up his law license as well?  

You don\’t payalmost a million dollars to an accuser, and give up your license to practicelaw, if the charges against you have no validity.

So how about an answer, Ms.Clinton?  Because you can bet Donald Trump will continue to ask until yougive one.

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