Ken Berwitz

Today\’s quotecomes to us from……tell you what:  I\’m going to hold off telling youthe source until you see the quote. 

Here it is:

“(President Obama\’s) strategyis not working…Obama has made incredibly poor decisions that have made usless safe.

“We should be capturing, notreleasing, more GITMO prisoners…(we) certainlyshouldn’t be trading them for those like Bowe Bergdahl.”

Whew!  Thoseare very strong,exceedingly critical comments against President Obama, which make him seem likea complete fool who doesn\’t know his backside from his elbow (that\’s the niceway of saying it) even after seven years as Commander In Chief.  

So, which rightwing fanatic insulted and demeaned Barack Obama that way?  Musta been thatTrump guy.  Or maybe one of those take-no-prisoners evangelistic backwaterRepublican types, right?


The source ofthose quotes is Michael Flynn.  Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. The same Michael Flynn who was appointed by President Obama to serve inthe Pentagon as our Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. 

In other words,this is President Obama\’s own appointee talking.

I award Lt. Gen.Flynn Quote Of The Day honors:  not because it takes courage to make suchcomments – with 30 years in the Army, he certainly doesn\’t need me to establishhis personal courage – but because experience tells us that to go up againstthis particular President can set him up for a lot of payback.  Not justfrom Mr. Obama, but his hatchetmen.  And Mr. Flynn is willing to take thehit, in the interests of speaking the truth.

My greatest respect to you,sir.  You\’ve more than earned it, even before uttering those words.

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