President Obama has already told us that “Republican hardliners” who oppose the nuclear “deal” he and John Kerry cooked up with Iran are comparable to Iranian terrorists who chant “death to America”.

President Obama has already suggested that Jews who oppose the deal are disloyal – with his hard-left pals making this charge in so many words.

And now we have Samantha Power, the Obama administration\’s Ambassador to the United Nations telling us that people who oppose this “deal” are going to turn the USA into an isolationist nation, cut off from the rest of the free world.

Her exact words:

“If the United States rejects this deal, we would instantly isolate ourselves from countries that spent nearly two years working with American negotiators to hammer out its toughest provisions.  We would go from a situation in which Iran is isolated to one in which the United States is isolated.”

What will they threaten us with next?  Frogs?  Murrain?  Loss of our first-born sons?

This is a bad deal.  A horribly bad deal.  Most people know that, even some of the political toadies who are supporting this disaster because they are more Democrats than they are patriots. 

The sad part is that Obama\’s raw Chicago-style, methods will probably result in its passage.  And we, along with the European countries that couldn\’t give a damn about our security or the survival of Israel, only the money that will come from Iran if sanctions are permanently lifted, will have a) given the lunatics running Iran a clear pathway to nuclear weaponry and b) forced Israel, as a matter of protecting its own existence, to do something about it.

And if/when Israel does do something about it, then you\’ll hear about who the real threat is.  Just like in the Useless, Neutered United Nations, which condemns Israel regularly for anything it can find, while looking the other way at atrocities which continue, unabated, in the rest of the world.