Has Hillary Clinton finally stanched her downward spiral? 


Excerpted from the decidedly leftward, usually Hillary-friendly, Des Moines Register:

Liberal revolutionary Bernie Sanders, riding an updraft of insurgent passion in Iowa, has closed to within 7 points of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential race.

She\’s the first choice of 37 percent of likely Democratic caucusgoers; he\’s the pick for 30 percent, according to a new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll.

But Clinton has lost a third of her supporters since May, a trajectory that if sustained puts her at risk of losing again in Iowa, the initial crucible in the presidential nominating contest.

“This feels like 2008 all over again,” said J. Ann Selzer, pollster for the Iowa Poll.

And if that doesn\’t look bad enough for Ms. Clinton, please be advised that the poll added in Joe Biden\’s name, even though he has not announced his candidacy or made so much as one campaign appearance in Iowa – and Biden got 14%. 

Hillary Clinton inevitable?  Believe me, she\’s evitable.  And becoming more evitable every day.

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