We now know what “racist comments” prompted vester lee flanagan – AKA bryce williams – to shoot and kill WDBJ newsperson Alison Parker, and Adam Ward, the cameraperson who had the misfortune to be with her at the time.

They include Ms. Parker saying that she was “swinging by” a location and that she was “out in the field” covering a story.

I feel it necessary to point out that I am not making this up.  Those are the kinds of comments this sick, angry, bitter, murderous excuse for a human being killed them over.

flanagan/williams also accused 7-11 food stores of racism for selling watermelon-flavored slurpees.

See, in the “mind” (such as it was) of this sick murderer, any word, or expression, that could be used to describe Black people in subservient positions (working the fields, lynch them (“swinging”, as in from a tree, I guess) or stereotype them (i.e. eating watermelon), could never be used in any context for any reason, because it would somehow be a reference to the subservience, lynching and stereotyping.  Not even in nothing more than general, completely non-racial usage.

That is why these two innocent people died.

Don\’t hold your breath waiting for the race hustlers – the sharpton set – to mount any protests about it.

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