Hey, as long as there are Democrats calling Republicans terrorists, who support nazi tactics in deporting illegals, and as long as they are implying Jews who oppose the Iran “deal” are disloyal Americans, why not call congressional Republicans complicit endorsers of murder too?

All it takes is mainstream media giving sick comments such as these a free pass – something they would never, ever do for one second if such comments came from the mouths of Republicans.

And here\’s another one.

The following  quote, so help me, is accurate.  It comes from U.S. Senator chris murphy (D-CT) (whose name, in “honor” of the comment you are about to read, will not be capitalized).  murphy, talking about his belief that there should be additional gun control measures, said the following:

“Congress\’ silence in the face of this rash of mass shootings has become complicity.  We are essentially sending a message of quiet endorsement of these murders.”

Got that?  If congress does not add even more gun control laws to the countless number already on the books, many of which are not even being enforced, then we are complicit in murder, and quietly endorse it.

Do you need me to tell you that most congresspeople who fantasize that more gun control laws will lessen gun violence in this country are Senator murphy\’s fellow Democrats?  I didn\’t think so.

Now, a few questions for Senator murphy.

Tell us, Senator, how come fatal and non-fatal shooting incidents have skyrocketed in Chicago, a city with, arguably, the strictest gun control laws in the country?  Tell us why they have skyrocketed in Baltimore, which is right up there with Chicago in strict gun control laws.  Ditto in New York.  And especially in Washington D.C., the city you work in, where last night\’s two gun murders brought the 2015 total, on August 29th, to 105 – the “grand” total for the entire year of 2014. 

If more, and stricter, gun control laws result in less shootings, then how and why is this happening?

Could it be that people\’s BEHAVIOR is more a factor in gun violence than ownership of guns? 

Could it be that the vast majority of gun violence is committed by people who ILLEGALLY obtain and use guns – thus rendering every gun control law you can think of irrelevant?

And when you\’re through not being able to answer any of those questions, tell us how come countries in which just about everyone has guns, like Switzerland, Israel and Norway to cite just three, have minuscule levels of gun violence?  After all, if ownership of guns is why it happens, those three countries should be national shooting galleries, shouldn\’t they?

Here\’s a thought, senator.  Maybe strict gun control laws, as necessary as we both agree they are, can only go so far in stemming gun violence.  Maybe there are other factors which have little or nothing to do with those laws which are causing the levels we see today.

Maybe you have a few comments about that, instead of just regurgitating the same “more gun control laws” crap and, this time, tossing in a depraved comment about complicity and endorsement of murder.

I\’ll wait…..

….and I\’m betting it will be a long wait.  A very, very long one.

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