I know from personal experience that facebook – the domain of Mark Zuckerberg – is working hard to promote a so-called SJW (Social Justice Warrior) agenda.

One after another, I got “recommended for you” postings on my page which promoted a Democrat/left agenda – until I mentioned, very directly, that it was being done and it was disgraceful…after which, though I never formally asked for this to happen, they magically stopped coming.  (I will be surprised if they don’t start up again in the future.)

Google, for years, has (correctly) been accused to tailoring its policy to the same agenda.

And now we have twitter.

From Kevin Robillard’s article at

Twitter is barring a top Republican Senate candidate from advertising her campaign launch video on the service because a line about her efforts to investigate Planned Parenthood was deemed “inflammatory.”

GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who is running to replace retiring Sen. Bob Corker, launched her campaign last week with a video proclaiming herself “a hard core, card-carrying Tennessee conservative.” In her announcement video, she boasts: “I fought Planned Parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts. Thank God.”

Inflammatory?  Why?  Because it raised the issue of Planned Parenthood selling body parts – which is absolutely true, and was chronicled on video tape just last year.  Here, see for yourself:


That clear enough for you?

I don’t care whether you support or oppose Planned Parenthood.  Taking down a statement because it makes mention of what you just saw is censorship, plain and simple.

But, then again, maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe Twitter and other public venues are just as quick to censor material of this nature from the other side of the aisle.

Can anyone show me a few such instances?  If you can I will immediately put them up here and acknowledge the sword cuts both ways.

I’m not confident it’s going to happen, though.  To the contrary, when I looked for it what I found was material like this, excerpted from Natasha Lomas’ article at

Google is pulling display ads from being placed alongside a wider range of content on YouTube and other sites, in the wake of a spike of criticism that its automatic, programmatic advertising seemingly cannot stop mainstream brands from appearing alongside extremist and offensive material.

Last week a number of brands and publishers in Europe said they would pull advertising from Google’s network after their adverts were revealed to be being displayed alongside content such as videos promoting terrorism and anti-Semitism — a long-standing issue with online ad networks that is arguably coming to a head now given rising concern about extremist movements using online channels to spread divisive messaging and build influence among voters in democratic societies.

Google, you may be aware, owns

I understand that Google and Twitter are two different companies.  But the political bent seems to be pretty much exactly the same.

Can it be that, in the world of super-rich tech people, terrorism and anti-Semitism are just fine, but mentioning Planned Parenthood in a negative light is not?

Don’t take my word for it.  Do your own checking.  Come to your own conclusions.  Then please think about the implications of what you have found to be the case.

Oh, one other thing.  According to Nicholas Fondacaro’s article at, not one of the major networks made mention of this censorship.  Marsha Blackburn is an 8-term congressperson, running for the United States Senate, whose campaign ad was censored by a major social media venue…and not one word about it from ABC, NBC or CBS.  That censorship was not important enough to mention.

Anyone who thinks mainstream media are not biased needs to think harder.

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