Today’s quote comes from the increasingly bizarre ramblings of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

Here, from yesterday’s appearance on Andrea Mitchell’s daytime show, is his advice to Democrats on their course of action for the 2020 presidential election:

“I think the message to Democrats is don’t blow this one. You blew it in 2016. You lost to Trump. Nobody should have ever lost to Trump. You could do it again. So don’t go with having a lot of fun in next year and a half, following the flavor-of-the-month stuff. Don’t enjoy yourself. Sober up. Pick the best candidate to beat Trump. Because nobody wants to be around the Democratic Party the day after losing to Trump twice. Nobody’s gonna be forgiven for that. So shake yourselves up, sober up, and pick the guy that can prevent this guy from staying in the White House for, as he put it, eight years.”

Can someone tell me what this means?  Who Matthews is supporting?  Not supporting?  What does he mean by having fun?  Who is or isn’t the flavor of the month?  What issues any Democrat would run on? Why, for that matter he used the term “guy” as if there were no female candidates?

I award Chris Matthews Quote Of The Day “honors” for demonstrating that his descent from intelligent political commentary to undecipherable gibberish is continuing unabated.

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