Today\’s quote comes to us from Susan Pathetic…er, Page, USA Today\’s Washington Bureau Chief.

Ms. Page was on Andrea Mitchell\’s MSNBC show today, and Mitchell – with, to say the least, uncharacteristic candor, asked her the following question about Hillary Clinton: 

“Susan, what about the headwinds facing Hillary Clinton, with all these questions about the emails and the judge telling the State Department to turn them over more rapidly, and money, money, money, The Clinton Foundation payments, $10,000 a month now, according to (, to Sidney Blumenthal?”

I commend Ms. Mitchell for asking a serious, meaningful question.

Now, here is how Susan Page, that hard-nosed, fiercely neutral journalist, responded to this question about the email and Clinton Foundation messes, and the big payoffs to “Sid Vicious” Blumenthal:

“You know, it\’s certainly true she has had a load of trouble in the national press, but you look at her appearance yesterday in South Carolina and she seemed pretty relaxed.  So what matters, I guess, to the Clinton people is not whether she’s doing well with people – reporters like you and me – but whether she\’s doing well with voters….And I think they have to be pretty pleased with the kind of authentic, relaxed, engaging, humorous Hillary Clinton that they saw yesterday.”

Translation:  forget about the emails, forget about the Clinton Foundation, forget about Sidney Blumenthal.  She is knocking \’em dead at scripted appearances before supportive groups.  Everyone must be thrilled.

In other words, a big wet kiss, right on each butt cheek.

I award Susan Page Quote Of The Day Honors for not just making a fawning fool of herself over Hillary Clinton, but for doing it so blatantly that even some of the biggest Hillary supporters out there must have cringed — and for showing Bernie Sanders just how much Hillary-love he is up against.

But Ms. Page, being the true journalist she is, can certainly be counted on to report about the Clinton campaign as neutrally as possible.  Honest.

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