For months and months, I have been blogging about the reality that, to the racial agitators and their left wing never-let-a-crisis-go-to-waste pals, “Black Lives Matter” only if the Black lives can be exploited for racial and/or political purposes.

It is gratifying to see that, albeit belatedly, a lot of other folks are finally picking up the ball and writing about it as well.

Excerpted from Rich Lowry\’s article in today\’s New York Post:

Baltimore was an obsession of the Black Lives Matter crowd and of the news media after the death of Freddie Gray from a terrible injury suffered in police custody.

But now that 35 people have been murdered in the month of May, the highest in a month since 1999, the response has been muted.

Let\’s be honest: Some black lives really don\’t matter. If you are a young black man shot in the head by another young black man, almost certainly no one will know your name.

Al Sharpton won\’t come rushing to your family\’s side with cameras in tow. MSNBC won\’t discuss the significance of your death. No one will protest, or even riot, for you.

You are a statistic, not a cause.

Just another dead black kid, politically useless to progressives and the media, therefore all but invisible.

To which I reply….yep. 

The only thing Rich Lowry got wrong – and, to be fair, it was probably correct when he wrote it – is the number of murders in Baltimore this month.  As of last night the total had risen to 38…and we\’ve still got the weekend to go.  If I were betting, I\’d be betting a final total in the low 40\’s.

And why is this happening?  Where are the police?  Why are they not arresting as many suspects as they usually do?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Baltimore\’s police now live in mortal fear that one wrong move, no matter how inadvertent or understandable (e.g. a split-second decision when facing an armed suspect) has the potential to:

-Land them on the front page of the newspapers,

-Put them in the crosshairs of a hopelessly incompetent Mayor who seems more concerned that her hair is coiffed than her city is safe and a hopelessly compromised State\’s Attorney who seems oblivious to what a national joke she has become,

-Thus end their careers, ruin their lives and maybe cause them to spend their last dime on legal representation to avoid…or not avoid….winding up in jail.

If a police force is intimidated into shying away from aggressively working high crime areas – and the area where Freddie Gray was arrested is about as high crime as they come – then who do you suppose gets the upper hand?  If you\’re not answering “The street thugs, drug dealers, and other scum of the earth there” you\’re living in a dream world.

And who do you suppose is most victimized by a diminished-capacity police force? 

If you\’re not answering “Black citizens…who comprise the vast majority of these areas and have a right to be safe from the thugs, drug dealers and other scum of the earth who live among them” you are in the same dream world.  

That is something the “Black Lives Matter” crowd seem either to not know or (much more likely) not care about:  that a) the huge majority of crime in those areas is Black on Black, therefore b) a huge majority of the victims of those crimes are Black as well.

Look, there is good reason to have little sympathy for Baltimore.  It has made its own bed.  Baltimore has been a one-party, one philosophy city for a half-century, and the Democrats who run it have taken what once was a proud, successful place and allowed it to degenerate into a hellhole of the first order. 

But decent people who want to live decent lives deserve a chance at doing so.  And recent events have made this less and less likely.

I pity them.  And I pity the city of Baltimore.  With Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and State\’s Attorney marilyn mosby in charge, I don\’t see any way out in the near future.

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