Josh Duggar, the eldest son of the Duggar family, from the TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting, had allegedly molested girls when he was a teenager. It published a 2006 police report on the incident.

Duggar admits he did so, has apologized for “acting inexcusably” (as if that wipes the slate clearn), and has resigned as executive director of the Family Research Council\’s lobbying arm (as if it would have kept him on anyway). 

The Duggar family, very much including Josh Duggar, has been deeply involved with Republicans – and you can find pictures of them with a who\’s who of 2016 Republican presidential candidates. 

I have read all about this over the past few days and it sickens me.

Terry Bean, a Democrat activist who has fundraised for Bill Clinton, co-chaired Howard Dean\’s National Finance Committee, served on Barack Obama\’s National Finance Committee, launched the LGBT for Obama campaign website in 2008, and raised over a half million dollars for Mr. Obama\’s 2012 campaign.  He has been an invited guest to the Obama White House at least 6 times. 

Last November, just a half year ago, Bean was arrested and charged with sodomy and sexual abuse on an underaged (15 year old) boy.

But, unlike Duggar, there was virtually no mainstream media coverage of Bean and the charges against him – as I pointed out in my blog of December 3.

Does the fact that mainstream media ignored Bean but is all over Duggar excuse what Duggar did?  Absolutely not.

But if Republicans are supposed to cringe at the name Josh Duggar, why aren\’t Democrats – who made Terry Bean an important part of the party\’s finance arm for a decade and who has been a money machine for the current administration – be cringing about him?

I talk a lot about media bias in here.  This is why.

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