Yesterday, I blogged about the fact that the quid pro quo”claims we were breathlessly flooded with by so many of our wonderful “neutral” media had no basis in fact.

Today, via Matt Margolis’s article at, we have the actual transcripts which conclusively show this to be true.

I am not going to post Mr. Margolis’s compilation.  You’ve got the link and can see it all for yourself – Gordon Sondland’s actual verbatim testimony.

In the real world, this would end the issue.  But our media no longer seem to operate in that world, so you’ll be hearing about the quid pro quo from now until who knows when…

…just as you heard about Russian collusion, from the people – adam schiff immediately comes to mind – who spent years telling us that they had conclusive evidence of it, but a) never produced that evidence and b) are no longer talking about collusion any more.

Funny how that works.


  • The only collusion is by the Democrats. The only thing that will fix what has been happening is, public hangings for treason. Anything less will not even begin to make this right.

    What if the POTUS said, that the time is now for all patriots to defend our country and he calls for attacks on the Democrat Party and their allies?

    • Why wasn’t the Democrat Party banned after the Civil War?
      Or, after they assassinated Lincoln?
      Or, when they refused to treat Blacks as equal?
      or, now when they refuse to abide by the results of an election and actively work against the country?
      How far is too far?

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