On Monday, President Trump held a (typically) raucus, SRO rally in Kentucky, where he campaigned for Governor Matt Bevin and other Kentucky Republicans.

On Tuesday the election was held.

The results?

Bevin lost – by less than one half a percent (49.2% – 48.8%), about 5,000 votes out of almost one and a half million.  I would expect there will be a recount.

Other than Bevin, however, every Republican won with room to spare:

-For Attorney General, Republican David Cameron won with almost 58% of the vote, becoming the first Black state office holder in Kentucky History;

-For Secretary of State, Republican Michael Adams won with 52.2% of the vote to 47.8% for Democrat Heather French Henry.

-For Treasurer, Republican Allison Ball won with 60% of the vote.

-For State Auditor, Republican Mike Harmon won with 56% of the vote.

-For Agriculture Commissioner, Republican Ryan Quarles won with 58% of the vote.

-And in the two State House special elections, Republicans Heavrin and Banta won in landslides.

From this, I conclude that Kentucky remains a solidly Republican state, and Matt Bevin – the individual – either was a not-very-popular Governor or his opponent, Democrat Andy Beshear, was pretty hot stuff.  Maybe both.

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