What if Elizabeth Warren – and Tom Steyer – gave a talk and nobody showed up?

Well, other than a few dozen folks (maybe they took the wrong turn, or just wanted to sit down for a while), that is what happened last night, when Senator Warren and Billionaire Steyer spoke at an “Environmental Justice” forum in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Here is a picture of the “crowd”:

Simply stated, more people showed up at my local Burger King last night.  And that’s no whopper either.

We understand that, for all the money he has spent, Tom Steyer has gotten exactly zero interest in his presidential run.  But Elizabeth Warren?  She’s supposed to be either the front-runner or a close #2 to (the quickly fading) Joe Biden.

Does this mean that, when Elizabeth Warren travels outside the major urban centers, the places with concentrations of hard-leftists whom her “everyone gets everything for free and the rich pay for it” platform appeals to, she doesn’t generate much excitement?

If so, it also means that, since those places are going to vote Democrat no matter which candidate is on the ticket, she’s only strong where other Democrats would be anyway…which, in turn, means she would be a very weak Presidential candidate.

Personally, I would bet that if it were Hillary Clinton instead of Elizabeth Warren, the audience would have been far larger.

Hmmmm, I wonder how Michael Bloomberg would have made out there.

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  • Speaking of Burger King and Whoppers, I tried one of their new no meat Whoppers yesterday and it wasn’t bad. Not as good as a real Whopper and I’ll never buy another, but if someday they make it illegal to sell meat (and I’m NOT ruling that out) these no meat burgers aren’t bad.

    Also speaking of Hillary Clinton, this YouTube video, “The Wreck Called Hillary Clinton”, is pretty darn funny, especially considering the guy put this together just a couple days after the 2016 election.

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