There is a rumor floating around that Hillary Clinton may testify at the latest Benghazi hearing (which, with Trey Gowdy as chair instead of Darrell Issa, may actually get some results).

If so, it will be nice to see Hillary again….given that, other than a one-day jaunt to Canada, she has not headlined an event since December 15th of last year, and is not scheduled to do so again until some time in February.

The party line seems to be that she is resting and revving up for her big campaign push.  That may be true per se, but it doesn\’t begin to explain this long a period of time away from the spotlight for the usually-ubiquitous Ms. Clinton.

Here are a couple of possible alternative reasons:

-She has physical issues that have to be addressed.  Remember when we were told by Hubby Bubba that she needed 6 months to recuperate from a concussion last year?

-Or she is waiting out the Jeffrey Epstein scandal/hoping it will blow over.  It is not good for a presidential campaign if, a number of years ago, the potential President\’s spouse was cavorting with underage girls, courtesy of a convicted pedophile. 

Personally, if I were betting, I\’d be betting on the Epstein thing. 

See, if it were only Bill Clinton, the Accomplice Media – which loves the Clintons like Esther Blodgett loved Norman Maine (sorry, that\’s the classic movie buff in me) – would probably just bury this juicy little scandal. 

But they have a problem:  one of the then-underage girls in question (she\’s now over 30) also fingered (in a manner of speaking) Alan Dershowitz. 

And Mr. Dershowitz, who is not running for public office, not only vehemently denies her allegations, but is demanding that everything be put out in the open, on the square, in the middle of the table, so he can prove he wasn\’t involved and thereby clear his name.

Do you need me to tell you that, if Bill Clinton was having sex with underage girls in Epstein\’s plane and on his private island, it is going to, er, hang heavily over Hillary Clinton and her campaign?

Let\’s put it this way:  if it can be shown that Hubby Bubba did what he is accused of….

as we used to say in the neighborhood, she will be dorked by the dangling genital region of destiny (ok, we said it a little differently, but I\’m trying to be at least somewhat G rated here).

Is that the way of things?  Time will tell.  And Alan Dershowitz being who he is, we won\’t have to wait long.

Stay tuned.

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