A note, and a question, for the Lost Tribe – i.e. theJews, and non-Jews, who support Israel but still support Barack Obama.

Iran is on record as intending to wipeIsrael off the face of the map.  It is building a nuclear capability to dojust that.

Barack Obama\’s reaction? To have economic sanctions on Iran lifted, thus freeing up billions and billions of dollars for the lunatics running that terrorist hellhole they can use for their nuclear ambitions.

Israel announces it will build new residential units in Jerusalem, its capital city – for both Jews and Arabs.

The Obama administration comes down on Israel like a sledgehammer for doing so, calling it a provocation directed at the Palestinian Arabs — who want the eastern part of Jerusalem to be the capital city of “Palestine”, a state that they do not have because they have rejected every offer of a state ever made to them. And this is before we get to the fact that hamas-led “Palestinians” don\’t really want a two state solution anyway. Their own charter calls for the conquest of Israel in its entirety, and the death of all Jews, both in and out of Israel.

President Obama strikes a “deal” with Iran in which the nuclear material it produces is of lower grade than what would be required for a nuclear bomb. But he apparently is ok with the fact that the lower grade status can be reversed and the nuclear material made ready for such usage in a matter of weeks.

Benjamin Netanyahu accepts an invitation to speak before congress, and Obama\’s people call him a coward (Netanyahu is a combat veteran and his brother died freeing Air France passengers – Jews and non-Jews both – during the raid in Entebbe), a “chickenshit”. They also state that, because he accepted the offer from Speaker Of The House Boehner instead of President Obama (who did not make any such offer), he spat in the administration\’s face. None of these insults would ever have been made without either tacit or overt approval from Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama then refuses to meet with Netanyahu while he is in the USA on the grounds that it would be too close to the Israeli national elections. But a five-person team, including Jeremy Bird – Obama\’s field director – has been sent to Israel to help Netanyahu\’s opposition…apparently with Obama\’s blessing, since he has done nothing to stop them.

Lost Tribers: I do not envy you the job of seeing these events unfold, and then trying to come up with a rationale for supporting Obama anyway. But if the last 6 years has taught me anything, it has taught me that you will come up with something, however contorted and obtuse it would have to be, and do just that.

My question: why?

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