I do not have the verbatim transcript yet.  But, in this morning\’s confirmation hearing, Loretta Lynch, appointed by Barack Obama to replace eric holder as Attorney General, informed us that people who are here illegally should have equal dibs on jobs with legal citizens.

She tried to dance around the question, but that is what she said.

Ms. Lynch also made it clear that the de facto amnesty granted by President Obama – without the advice and consent of congress – was “reasonable”:  i.e. she has no problem with it.

A question for you: if millions of illegals – preponderantly Mexican, and preponderantly undereducated/inexperienced, therefore looking for entry level positions – have an equal claim to jobs as legal citizens who would be looking for the same kind of work, which population segment do you think will be most adversely affected?

Congratulations, President Obama.  You are screwing Black people again…even as you continue to convince most of them that, because you share the same skin color, you must be looking out for their interests.

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