I\’ve heard and read enough Democrats, and their media fart-catchers condemn “The Koch Brothers” – two of the most charitable human beings on planet earth, and I\’m not talking about politics either – for “buying elections”, that I thought I would put up who the actual biggest individual contributors to federal candidates, parties, political action committees, etc., and who their money goes to.

Here, via opensecrets.org, are the top 100 – with the top five shown below:



Total Contributions

To Dems & Liberals

To Repubs & Conservatives


Steyer, Thomas & F. & Kathryn Ann
Fahr LLC/Tom Steyer
San Francisco, CA





Bloomberg, Michael R.
City of New York, NY
New York, NY





Singer, Paul
Elliott Management
New York, NY





Mercer, Robert L. & Diana
Renaissance Technologies
East Setauket, NY





Eychaner, Fred
Newsweb Corp
Chicago, IL




That\’s about $95 million to Democrats versus $23 million to Republicans.

But some might say “Yeah, that\’s the top five, but why did he stop there?  Must be all the rest of the money goes to Republicans”. 

Uh…nope.  Of the top 100, 50 give their money exclusively or primarily to Democrats, 48 to Republicans, and two give to neither party (I don\’t know where it goes either).  The majority of money, thanks to Tom Steyer\’s $75 million pot of gold, goes to Democrats.

Ah, the still-cynical might say, but what about looking at the money a different way – like who gives what to those Super PACs Democrats rail about?

Ok.  Here\’s the top 100 list for that too.

Read it and you\’ll find that the top five show $94 million going to Democrats and $27 million to Republicans.  And, if you look at the top 100, you find that 51 give all or most of their money to conservative Super-PACs and 49 to liberal Super PACs; a virtual tie…with the majority of money, thanks again to Tom Steyer, winding up on the liberal side.

Don\’t hold your breath waiting for Democrats to tell you any of this….or for Democrats to come out swinging against Tom Steyer.

But…but…but…what about the ORGANIZATIONS?  The CORPORATIONS?

Well, ok, just one more table to go:  The biggest givers of federal money in the past 25 years.  Here\’s the top 10 list:

Rank Organization Total All Cycles
1 Service Employees International Union $222,434,657
2 ActBlue $160,637,963
3 American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees $93,830,657
4 National Education Assn $92,972,656
7 American Federation of Teachers $69,757,113
9 National Assn of Realtors $68,683,359
10 Carpenters & Joiners Union $67,778,534
11 Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $63,572,836
12 United Food & Commercial Workers Union $63,229,927
13 AT&T Inc $61,104,110

Hmmmm.  Eight unions, ActBlue – which is a left wing organization – and AT&T.  How much of this money do you figure goes to Republicans?  Enough to elect a dog catcher or two?

I rest my case.

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