All news venues would have you believe they are the best of the best.  The true, fiercely neutral arbiters we should all rely on.

But are there any objective criteria to measure this?

Well, how about the following, excerpted from Joe Concha’s article at thehill.com:

A new analysis by a nonpartisan media research firm shows that just 3 percent of the reports about President Trump that aired on NBC and CBS were deemed positive. 

The data comes from an analysis by Media Tenor, an independent media research firm founded in 1993. 

The firm’s analysts watched 370 news stories about Trump on the “NBC Nightly News,” “CBS Evening News” and Fox News’s “Special Report” between Jan. 20 and Feb. 17. Trump took office the day the analysis began. 

Overall the analysis found that on NBC and CBS, 43 percent of stories on Trump were negative, while only 3 percent were positive. Fifty-four percent of reports were considered neutral. 

On Fox News’s “Special Report”, the coverage also skewed negative, albeit to a lesser extent. 

The Bret Baier-anchored news and analysis program that airs at 6 p.m. ET showed that exactly one-quarter of the reports about Trump were deemed negative by Media Tenor analysts, while 12 percent were deemed positive. The remaining 63 percent were seen as neutral. 

If Media Tenor is providing accurate analysis (something I have no way of knowing for sure), what does this tell you?

I have a feeling it tells us both the same thing.

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