Despite differences with him on a good many (far from all) issues, I used to have a great deal of respect for Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

But now, as Senate Minority Leader, he has managed to run through about 98% of my good will…and the other 2% is hanging by a thread.

Mr. Schumer’s actions since filling Harry Reid’s shoes – not very big shoes – are making them still smaller.

After the speech, Schumer went from media venue to media venue, calling President Trump’s speech “detached from reality”.

Then, on an interview with Matt Lauer on this morning’s Today Show (which, let’s remember, is a serial Trump-bashing enterprise), this exchange took place:

LAUER:  “You didn’t find a lot of reasons to stand and cheer, but give me one thing the president said in that speech last night, Senator, where you found yourself saying ‘Yes! I can join him and get behind him on that issue.’”

SCHUMER:  “Well, Matt, here’s the problem. He’s given a whole lot of speeches and we’ve seen that the speeches and the reality don’t match.  I’ll say yes when he comes up with something that really helps working people and says I want to work with Democrats…”

LAUER:  “So in an hour, you didn’t hear one thing that you can stand behind this morning?”

SCHUMER:  “I was touched by the mention of the widow of the brave soldier who died in Yemen and things like that, but no” 

That so, Senator Schumer?

Are you aware that almost all media, both right and left, hailed Trump’s speech?

Are you aware that in the two flash polls conducted immediately after it took place – both by venues which are far, far from Trump supporting – over three quarters of the sample (CBS – 76%, CNN – 78%) were favorable to this speech?

Tell us, Senator Schumer:  if Donald Trump’s speech was “detached from reality”, but over 3/4 of the people who heard it approved…

…where does that leave you reality-wise?  What planet?  Or should I ask, what solar system?

Chuck Schumer has an extraordinarily weak hand to play.  His party is currently a minority in the Senate.  And, in 2018, 26 of the 34 Senate seats up for grabs are held by Democrats – 10 in states Trump won.  This means it is highly likely that Democrats will wind up even further in the minority at that time.  Maybe a lot further in the minority.

Does Chuck Schumer really think attacking everything Donald Trump proposes – even as a huge majority of the country supports what he proposes – is going to help his party’s cause?

’cause if he does, those shoes are even smaller than I thought they were.


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