These quotes were voiced by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, after President Trump’s speech:

We have repeatedly made specific requests of the administration for greater law enforcement integration and resources; a higher priority placed on federal gun prosecutions; and funds restored toward mentoring and after-school and summer jobs programs that have proven to be positive alternatives for our young people.

“Because this is so important, I’ll always be ready with this list whenever the President asks.

“In Chicago, more than 4,000 people were shot last year alone — and the murder rate so far this year has been even higher.  This is not acceptable in our society.

“The better question, I’d suggest, is whether the President cares enough about violence in our city to do more than talk or tweet about it”

Let’s start with the obvious:  Rahm Emanuel has been Mayor of Chicago for almost 6 years.  This entire surge of devastation has occurred under HIS WATCH.  What did HE do about it?

Frankly, that should end the issue right there.

But I’m intrigued by Emanuel’s whine that he has “repeatedly made specific requests of the administration for greater law enforcement integration and resources…”

Uh…Rahm:  Donald Trump has been President for 6 effing weeks.  Less than 2 effing months.

Tell us, Rahm:  did you make the same specific requests of Barack Obama – you know, the guy who was President for the first 69 months of your Mayoralty?   What did he do for you?  And when did you go public with a whining complaint about that?

Facts are facts.  Chicago is going to hell in a handbasket.  Rahm Emanuel, along with his one-party Democrat-only government, have run Chicago every step of the way to this horrific situation.

And he wants to blame TRUMP?

Why not blame Trump for Al Capone too, Rahm.  That makes just about the same amount of sense.


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