This – so help me, I’m serious, folks – is the Democrats’ idea of how to get themselves back to major-party status:

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See, Democrat congresswomen dressed in white.  Dozens of them.

Why?  To remind us of the women’s suffrage movement (a hot topic at every dinner table, I’m sure), and to demand that Donald Trump does not reverse women’s rights (anyone care to tell me what Mr. Trump has done to make this a concern?)

This, evidently, is supposed to be highly meaningful and to resonate deeply with..


Who cares if Democrat women wear white to make some kind of obscure statement to oppose something that isn’t happening — other than hard-line Democrat supporters, who already can’t stand Trump, thus gain Democrats nothing they don’t already have?

Donald Trump made the speech of his life…and a few dozen Democrat women, grinning from ear to ear like they were posing for a school picture, dressed in white to….I can’t type it again, it’s too stupid.

This is exactly the kind of meaningless grandstanding that is destined to keep the party in the deep hole it has put itself in.   Exactly the kind of tired, stale, increasingly irrelevant stunt you would expect from tired, stale, increasingly irrelevant Nancy Pelosi – who put the above picture up on Twitter with these words:

Tonight, our Democratic in support of women’s rights — in spite of a @POTUS who doesn’t!

As you can see, the quality of her grammar is equal to the quality of her strategy.

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