Rep. Stephen “Steve” Scalise (R-LA), the house majority whip, stands accused of speaking, in 2002, at a conference of EURO, a david duke hate group.  No accusations that Mr. Scalise ever spoke before a similar group, either before or since this one time, have surfaced to date (and I assume his political opponents are looking high and low for them).

This has caused at least some Democrats, along with media venues such as the Chicago Tribune and USA Today, to demand that he step down from his majority whip post.  The New York Times did a page one story on him speaking at the conference.  There are even calls for his resignation from the house.

But, as noted in a previous blog here, there is a problem:  evidently Scalise never spoke at the event. 

There is no record of him being there, a document put out by EURO at the time listed its speakers and he was not among them, and the only person who has come forth and said he spoke to EURO is david duke himself, who a) is a lying scumbag and b) in any event, acknowledges he himself was not at the conference, so he couldn\’t have seen Scalise there.

Moreover, Black Democrat after Black Democrat has come forth in Louisiana to speak up for Scalise\’s racial bona fides. 

With this in mind, I have waited days to see whether any of these venues have the decency to acknowledge there is no serious basis for the accusation that Steve Scalise spoke at that event.  I\’m still waiting.

Just as I have waited years to see whether venues like these would severely condemn President Obama for having the racist, Black supremacist, anti-Semitic, serial deadbeat and tax cheat, al sharpton, to the White House dozens of times during his administration.  I\’m still waiting for that too.

To paraphrase the immortal words of Ray Donovan, President Reagan\’s Labor Secretary who was falsely accused (and then acquitted) of larceny and fraud, which office does Steve Scalise go to get his reputation back?

I hope he can find that office.  Maybe it is out there somewhere.

But I don\’t know which office the media which accused him, and then let him twist in the wind as the accusations have melted away, can go to to get their reputations back.  I don\’t think there is one.

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