Try to imagine what media would be saying if Hillary Clinton won the election and a hard-right candidate with a tiny number of votes:

-Demanded recounts in three states where Clinton won by relatively small margins, while ignoring states that Donald Trump won by similarly small margins;

-Demanded hand counts of each state

-Is suing one state that will recount because it is not being done by hand;

-Is suing another state because she demanded the recount a week after the deadline and it was denied for that reason.

How soon would media have had their fill of this pain in the rear end?  How soon would they be railing about what sore losers right wingers are, how small they are, how ridiculous they are?

So when do you figure any of this is going to happen with Jill Stein?

Or, put another way, do you look forward to being there on the 12th of never?

But listen to them squeal like stuck pigs if you call them biased.

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