Congratulations – sarcastic ones – to the Democrat Party.

It has again elected Nancy Pelosi – hard left, San Francisco Nancy Pelosi –  to the position of its leader;  14 years now and still counting.

In the past 8 years, Ms. Pelosi (and the rest of Democrat leadership) has gone from overseeing a 60% majority in the House to a 45% minority.

And that is before we get to the fact that, at 76 years of age, putting a far younger, more dynamic minority leader in place (Tim Ryan is 43) just might put a little more energy into the mix….not to mention that he has acknowledged that Democrats have lost the middle of the country, while Nancy Pelosi seems incapable of saying anything other than scripted political dialogue.  A little like her friend and most recent presidential loser, Hillary Clinton.

If ever a party needed a change of leadership, this is the one.  And that, evidently, is not going to happen.

Not in the House and not in the Senate either, where retiring Harry Reid (good riddance) has been replaced by 65 year old career pol Chuck Schumer – who, in just the past 24 hours,  made himself look ridiculous by trying to channel the macho-image of Clint Eastwood (“To our Republican colleagues considering this path, Democrats say: make our day…”).

Doesn’t bode well for 2018, does it?

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