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Hillary Clinton, like Barack Obama, has made a public show of support for the racist hate group, #blacklivesmatter.
Let me stop here and point out that if any Republican presidential aspirant had ever done the same for a White counterpart, it would be the last day of his/her candidacy.  And political career.  But in this day of racism is intolerable…unless it is Black racism, which is just fine….the same mainstream media which would have immediately pilloried that Republican candidate, continue to celebrate Ms. Clinton.
Ok, moving on….
One might think the #blacklivesmatter “leaders” would be at least somewhat appreciate of a major party\’s presumptive Presidential candidate putting her imprimatur on their activities.  If so, you would be wrong, and then some.
Excerpted from Ollie Gillman\’s article for London\’s Daily Mail (try and find a similarly complete article about this in the US media):

Hillary Clinton was interrupted for 30 minutes by Black Lives Matter protesters on Friday as she tried to give a speech.

The Democratic presidential frontrunner initially tried to reason with the demonstrators but eventually gave up and attempted to awkwardly talk over them.

Clinton was held up for half an hour as the group chanted loudly, refusing to back down as she tried to continue with her speech at a university in Atlanta.

Just minutes after taking to the stage at Clark Atlanta University, around a dozen protesters burst through the crowd and started heckling Clinton.

As the demonstrators shouted \’black lives matter\’, the former Secretary of State replied: \’Yes they do. Yes they do. Yes they do. And I\’m gonna talk a lot about that in a minute.\’

She could then be seen squirming on stage, maintaining her grin as she waited for the protest to end.

But according to CNN the shouting carried on for another 30 minutes.

It is a tragedy that this ugly hate group seems to have taken over, or at least pushed to the forefront of, the Black leadership of this country.  And even more of a tragedy that, instead of speaking out against it, the Democrat Party, led by President Obama and Hillary Clinton, is embracing it.
And what happens if this galvanizes public support for her Republican opponents?  Who will mainstream media blame?  A soulless, opportunistic candidate who tossed in with a racist hate group…and got the back of their hand for it anyway?
Don\’t count on that happening.  After all, you can\’t expect them to call out their idea of The Queen, can you?

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