Ken Berwitz

You had to know this was over ego and money, right?
Excerpted from Richard Johnson\’s Page Six column at the New York Post:

Harvey Weinstein is said to be furious at Quentin Tarantino for going to ananti-police rally on Oct. 24 and calling cops “murderers.”

With police groups now calling for a boycott of thedirector\’s “The Hateful Eight,” sources say Weinstein wants Tarantino toapologize, or at least walk back his comments.

“The last thing Harvey needs is a boycott that will scare offOscar voters and hurt the box office,” said one insider.

The movie is set to open on Christmas Day, just in time toqualify for the Academy Awards.

The politically active Weinstein, a staunch Democrat, hasproduced many of Tarantino\’s movies since “Pulp Fiction” in 1994, and Weinsteinhas referred to his distribution company Miramax as “the house that Quentinbuilt.”

Please note that, if this article is accurate, Weinstein is not saying Tarantino is wrong when he incites a crowd by calling police “murderers”.  he is saying that it isn\’t good for business.

Would any sane person believe Quentin Tarantino if he were “to apologize, or at least walk back his comments”?

Harvy Weinstein is an extremely talented producer who has provided us with a number of genuinely worthwhile, enjoyable movies – often about subjects that most other producers would not have the courage or vision to see.  But he also has provided us with bottom-feeding, ultra-violent crap.  Like most of what Quentin Tarantino serves up.

I hope this hateful duo both take a bath on “The Hateful Eight”.  

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