Here is a clip from Sesame Street.  Listen to it very, very closely.  then tell me:

-Is Grover saying “Move the camera, yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea”?

-Or is Grover saying “Move the camera, yes, yes, that’s a fuckin’ excellent idea”?

You decide:


Personally, I assume Grover is saying the G rated version.  I can’t begin to imagine that Sesame Street would irreparably harm its reputation by having him say the other possibility.

But it certainly sounds enough like the other possibility for this to be re-recorded, wouldn’t you say?

I’m guessing that will happen very quickly.  And, if it doesn’t, I think I’ll have to revise my assumption.

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  • I emailed this to my family yesterday, I can hear it both ways. It is freaky that two different things can be heard from the same recording.

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