Today’s quote comes to us from Elise Jordan, a former aide to President George W. Bush, and a confirmed hater of Donald Trump.

Yesterday, on MSNBC (there’s a shock), Ms. Jordan had plenty to say about President Trump’s behavior regarding the government “shutdown”.

She started with this:

“It’s irrelevant if Democrats or Trump are, quote, winning the government shutdown. Because the reality is the American people are the losers when elected leaders can’t fulfill one of the most basic elements of their jobs. Funding the government.”

That certainly makes sense.  If she stopped right there, I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

But she didn’t.  Here’s the rest:

“This morning, Trump tried to keep the focus on the border, threatening in three separate tweets to completely shut it down. As if that didn’t whip up adequate frenzy, Trump resurrected yet another old favorite, quote, word is that a new caravan is forming in Honduras. Though Trump and congressman and women hyping imaginary border threats won’t skip paychecks and worry about losing their heat, it would do them some good to face the immediate reality of their own ineptitude. “

A few notes for Ms. Jordan:

Of course President Trump would tie this to the border shutdown.  The fact that he adamantly insists on funding for a border wall and Democrats adamantly refuse to provide it is the specific issue causing the shutdown;

-Trump’s tweeting his position on the wall is not whipping up a frenzy, adequate or otherwise, any more than Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi are by making their position known.  That is ridiculous;

-Trump is not “resurrecting yet another old favorite” by making note of a new caravan forming.  This “old favorite” remains fully current for the existing caravans (which are wreaking havoc in and around Tijuana – just ask the city’s Mayor).  And “word” of a new caravan – which, it is estimated, will have as many as 15,000 people – comes not from President Trump’s imagination but an article by Wendy Fry in the Los Angeles Times.  You might think about reading it;

-As for Trump not skipping any paychecks?  Uh…..he doesn’t accept any.  Other than taking a symbolic $1 a year, Donald Trump donates every paycheck to charitable and governmental organizations which help people.   Among them have been the Small Business Association, U.S. Education Department, Department of Veterans affairs, the Department of Health and Human Services, and others.

I award Elise Jordan Quote Of The Day “honors” for making a comment so stupid and so ignorant that….as a Trump hater on MSNBC, she’ll never lose her job.

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