Ken Berwitz

The reason?  Megyn Kelly, who dared to ask him a tough question or two last time (as she did with every other candidate), will be moderating…and just might ask him another tough question or two this time as well.

Poor baby.  Poor bruised ego.  Poor thin-skinned loudmouth, running like a scared rabbit.

Of course, this doesn\’t mean he won\’t show up.  If there\’s one thing we know about Donald Trump it is that he is perfectly capable of saying one thing today and the exact opposite thing tomorrow.

But if Trump is serious about hiding from Megyn Kelly, that is just fine with me.  Because now candidates who might actually be capable of functioning as President will have a chance to be heard; to talk issues, without being overwhelmed by the look-at-me-listen-to-me-pay-attention-to-me antics of an egomaniac who sucks all the air out of every debate he participates in.

I won\’t miss him a bit.

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