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First we have the paragraphs of the day, which come to us from an essay written by Darnell Earley, former Emergency Manager of Flint, Michigan.  They were written in October 26 of last year, presumably in an effort to head off being blamed for the disastrous water situation there – the one mainstream media have been happy to pin pretty much exclusively on Republican Governor Rick Snyder:

It is critically important that the record be set straightabout the decision-making and approval processes that led to Flint joining theKaregnondi Water Authority (KWA) with the use of Flint River water as theinterim water supply. The fact is, the river has served and been used as theback-up supply for decades, and this was the rationale given to me by staff andMayor Walling, who also serves as chairperson of the KWA board. Contrary toreports in the media and rhetoric being espoused by individuals, the decisionwas made at the local level, by local civic leaders.

The decision toseparate from Detroit Water and Sewerage Department and go with the KWA, whichincluded the decision to pump Flint River water in the interim, were part of along-term plan that was approved by Flint\’s mayor and confirmed by a CityCouncil vote of 7-1 on March 25, 2013. This plan was presented to me when I wasappointed as Flint emergency manager in October 2013 – a full seven monthsafter the City Council\’s affirmative vote.

Genesee County DrainCommissioner Jeff Wright also made the affirmative vote by the City Council anecessary condition of joining the KWA, and applauded the decision in a March26, 2013, news release, ” … I have said from the beginning that this decisionmust be made by Flint\’s City Council and Mayor … I am glad that the residentsof Flint were able to have their voices heard via their elected officials.”

The mayor\’s approvalof the plan and the subsequent near unanimous vote by City Council were in noway coerced, forced or demanded by the state, nor any emergency manager.Council\’s affirmative vote was supported and signed as an Executive Order bythen-Emergency Manager Edward Kurtz on March 29, 2013. A subsequent order Kurtzsigned on June 26, 2013, speaks specifically to “… upgrading of the Flint WaterPlant to ready it to treat water from the Flint River to serve as the primarydrinking water source for approximately two years and then converting to KWAdelivered lake water.”

Point of order.  Darnell Earley is a Democrat.  Flint\’s Mayor is a Democrat.  The Flint City council is comprised of Democrats. 

And that\’s before we get to the fact that the water supply Flint got rid of because it was being charged so much for it came from Democrat-dominated Detroit.  And that the EPA, which knew about the water quality for months but sat on the information is run by a Democrat and is in a Democrat\’s administration (its Midwestern Chief, Susan Hedman, has been allowed to resign from office.  She should be charged).

The Flint City water crisis, therefore, is a Democrat crisis.  

I award Darnell Earley Paragraphs Of The Day honors for – however unintentionally (or maybe intentionally, who knows?) – making this so clear.

Now the important question, which is directed to our wonderful “neutral” media: how come national coverage of the Flint water scandal effectively ended just about the time we started learning how completely Democrats, rather than Republican Governor Rick Snyder, were responsible for it?


Oh, one other thing:  the single best essay on this Democrat-scandal-blamed-on-a-Republican I have seen comes from National Review.  Click here and find out why.

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