Rep. Harold Watson “Trey” Gowdy (R-NC) – a former prosecutor and solicitor, with an impeccable reputation and highly successful conviction rate – will chair the select committee investigation into the Lie-RS scandal. 

This has enraged Democrats.  But I have to believe that they are even more fearful of Mr. Gowdy than they are angry.

Want a taste of why?  Watch and listen to the following video of Gowdy dismembering the smug, obnoxious IRS Commissioner john koskinen in last night\’s House Oversight Committee hearing.  In doing so, please note that by “dismembering” I mean Gowdy taking apart koskinen\’s BS “explanation” for how the IRS emails disappeared – though physical dismemberment might have been less painful.

See for yourself:

Did Rep. Gowdy take this phony-baloney weasel apart, or what?  And what do you figure he will do to lois “liar” lerner when she is hauled in front of him?

I can\’t wait for that select committee to convene.

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