With all the news about the Lie-RS scandal, and the lightning-fast deterioration of Iraq from tenuous democracy to shari\’a law state (courtesy of ISIS – the terrorist offshoot of al qaeda, which President Obama told us, during the 2012 election campaign, was all but nonexistent), the VA scandal is getting less attention than it should.

It\’s not like the VA scandal is going to fade to the background.  Unlike Operation Fast and Furious, or, until recently, the IRS debacle, mainstream media can\’t bury this one – not with the number of veterans we have in this country who rely on the VA for treatment…and who have been so terribly mistreated by it.  But it does deserve more attention than it courrently is getting.

So here is a list of links, put together at, which should keep you up to speed…which is to say, keep you appalled:

REPORT:Perverts, murderers at VA...

WhistleBlower: At least 7 vet deaths covered up in Phoenix...

Fivemonth backlog in Memphis...

AUDIT:Vet waited 8 years for PTSD treatment...

If you use these links, you will be reminded that the VA mess certainly predated the Obama administration.

But you will also be reminded that a) the mess strongly seems to have accelerated under President Obama and b) in any event, it is a demonstration of what happens when government gets involved in health care.

The VA scandal, in other words, was the canary in the coal mine for ObamaCare.

Too bad for us that this administration didn\’t hear the chirping.

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