As President, Donald Trump has not attended the White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) Dinner.

This is hardly a surprise, given that the last data I saw showed over 90% press coverage of Mr. Trump has been negative.

But until now he has sent members of the administration to attend.


…last year, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was there, on the dais.  And, while she sat just a few feet away, the supposed “comedian” at this event, michelle wolf, viciously insulted her looks, called her a liar and, for bad measure, also suggested – a reminder:  this is supposed to be funny – that a tree should fall on Kellyanne Conway.

This year, Trump is again not attending.  And he has sent no one from the administration to attend either.

Any doubt about why?

Let me end with a quote about the Trump administration’s non-attendance from CNN’s brian stelter:

“Look, it’s yet another example of what we’re seeing- the administration’s attack against the media.”

Trump and his people are not attending a dinner held by people who hate him, where his Press Secretary and Senior Adviser – both female – were viciously, personally attacked just last year.  But all brian stelter sees is that the WHCA dinner is the aggrieved party, is under attack.

What does this impossibly stupid, tone-deaf reaction tell you about brian stelter?  And Brooke Baldwin, the CNN on-air personality he told it to, who did not challenge it?  And CNN itself, which pays these two?

Pretty much everything.

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  • I have more respect for Trump now than I ever did. Not because of this although it is one more reason.
    I think Trump proves the adage –
    If you know yourself
    It won’t matter what others say about you.

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