What does it mean when a Useless, Neutered organization warns the United States not to re-institute a health care system that was considered by many to be the best in the world?  What should it mean?

From Paul Mirengoff’s article at

Dana Milbank reports, with glee, that the United Nations “has contacted the Trump administration as part of an investigation into whether repealing [Obamacare] without an adequate substitute for the millions who would lose health coverage would be a violation of several international conventions that bind the United States.” The warning comes from the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights in Geneva.

The U.N. Human Rights Commission (now known as the Human Rights Council) purports to “uphold the highest standards in the promotion and protection of human rights,“ Its members include China, Cuba, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela.

Think about an organization which would put countries like those on a “Human Rights Council”, warning the United States about….well, about anything at all.  Calling that laughably absurd seems wholly inadequate.

And the basis for this warning – i. e. we would be mistreating our population health-wise if we went back to the 2010 system; the one people came from all over the world to utilize? That makes laughingly absurd look excellent by comparison.

Tell me:  what other countries in the world has the UN Human Rights Council warned about their health care? Since I’m not aware of any, I have to conclude that, in the UN’s eyes, we are among the worst providers on the planet.

That’s some set of eyes.

There are people – a lot of them – who would not shed a single tear if we withdrew from the UN, and told them to take a hike from their their headquarters on Manhattan’s East Side.

Personally, I’ve never seen that as a good idea.  But I have to admit BS like this is what would move me closer.

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  • Here in Minnesota the city of Rochester is practically over run with Saudi’s and others from oil rich Middle East fiefdoms accessing health care at the Mayo Clinic. If our health care is so bad we should prohibit them from using it, it would be for their own good.

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