Trump threatened to leave NATO over the fact that most countries were not paying their required share of the costs.  But NATO needs us.  So, after the requisite complaining about his threat, countries came forth and started paying up.

Trump threatened to leave NAFTA over the fact that it was such a bad deal for us.  But NAFTA Needs us to exist.  So, after the requisite complaining about his threat, Mexico and Canada are renegotiating.

Trump threatened to massively raise tariffs on China, over the fact that there is such a huge disparity between their tariff structure with the United States and ours with China.  But China needs the USA, both as a trading partner and because of the amount of debt we’ve run up and owe.  So, after the requisite complaining about this threat, they have agreed to revise their tariff structure.

Trump withdrew his participation in a summit meeting with North Korea, over the fact that kim jung-un was making threats and demanding unacceptable conditions.  but kim jung-un wants and needs the international standing such a summit would give him.  So, in one day flat, he is singing a different tune.

At some point, no matter how much our mainstream media hate Donald Trump’s guts, they may – may – start acknowledging that the results Mr. Trump is getting are not due to a bumbling idiot’s amazing lucky streak, but due to his negotiating strategy – one that a hard-nosed businessman is far more likely to understand than a career politician…or a smug, sanctimonious partisan journalist.

I wonder if/when it will happen.

Obviously, the current answer is “not yet”.

Maybe, during the interim between now and when they wake up (assuming they ever do) these folks might consider taking a look at Trump’s book, “The Art Of The Deal” – specifically the part where he talks about how to use the leverage you have, so you negotiate from strength.  I can’t help thinking that would be worth their while.

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